Do you know the Tips for Healthier Hair? July 16, 2015 03:26

diet for healthy hair l'or d'afrique

you are what you eat!

Like any organ in the body, hair is something that we all have . People tend to focus and spend a lot of money taking care of their skin, but they dont do the same about their hair. in fact they all tend to take care of them only when they visit a salon 3 or 5 times a year in treatment and style which are unhealthy or damaging to it, but what about the other 360 days?

so why people spend lot of time taking care about their skin but not their hair. the answer they think the shampoo and conditioner using on daily basis is enough, but not all products deliver results.

If you live an overall healthy lifestyle, then it might very well be enough, but for the average person there is much that can be done to achieve and sustain a healthy head of hair. The product you use and how you use it, your hairstyle and how you achieve the results, your diet and even weather can have an effect on the overall health of your hair.

How does diet affect your hair?

like fingernails, hair is also made from protein and need protein to stay healthy and grow. Zinc and other nutrients help with the health of your hair, with that been said if you overall eat healthy diet won't have much to worry about. but If you don’t eat  healthy diet then some foods that you can cycle in to help promote healthier hair.

Hair loss prevention: If you are struggling with hair loss, thats because you are not getting enough iron in your diet.Try mixing in some shellfish, dark leafy greens, soybeans, lentils, organ meats (like liver) or fortified grains like cereals and pasta. Tropical fruits high in vitamin C will help protect your hair from breakage and cinnamon will help with circulation.

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Dull Locks: if you have dry hair and lost of shine, beta carotene can help restore that. also carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe , mango and pumpkin are all wonderful source for beta carotene. also sardines, mackerel and salmon are full of omega 3 and fatty acids will help restore shine and promote hair growth.

To Promote Growth: greek yogurt is good for that. it has an ingredient that promotes blood flow in your scalp and rich with protein. also Eggs will help in this area.

For Thickness: if you aren’t getting enough protein in your diet it may start to thin. Try adding a lean poultry (chicken or turkey).

Full-ness:  you need to have enough zinc in your diet. Try oysters, crab, beef, lobster and some cereals to add more zinc. There are of course others that can work as well. 

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