Pure Argan Oil Company in Chicago, USA


The life is all about beauty today!

L'or D'afrique is one of the leading oil companies based in Chicago IL. Even with the use of Argan oil twice a day can turn your hair and skin looking 10 years younger.

We believes not only in helping men and women to feel beautiful in their own bodies, but also in giving back. The purchases made through L'or D'afrique are sourced through a Women’s Cooperatives, which helps to sustain the natural ecology and livelihood of women in rural Moroccan villages. A portion of proceeds gained by the company goes toward local projects that benefit the communities of these women and help them to better the lives of their children and communities.

Whether you are rich or poor the only thing that matters with the world today is beauty. Keeping this concept in mind we have come up with a beautiful product Argan Oil. This oil can be used for multipurpose needs. It proves to be best for skin and hair at the same time. Pure Moroccan Argan oil is one of them. As it is multipurpose oil it proves to be very cost effective for both male and females.

Argan Oil for hair

  • Argan oil for hair proves to be highly effective when it comes to growth of the hair.
  • Argan Oil for hair has been designed in such a manner that it is able to boost all the growth hair agents that have been present on the scalp of a person.
  • Argan oil hair is a combination of all essential minerals and vitamins required for healthy hair.
  • Moroccan hair oil is liable for removing dandruff, excess oil and other problems of scalp related with hair fall.
  • Argan oil shampoo is always recommended along with Argan oil to maintain PH levels of the scalp.

It is always recommended to use Argan oil early in the morning or at the night while sleeping it will turn your hair and skin both in a new phase. Our product is completely government approved and 100 percent certified.

Contact the team working at, L'or D'afrique today and avail the best possible discounted rates as per your requirement. We come with special discount packages for the people coming with bulk needs.